Busy keeping busy

A short update this week.

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Busy keeping busy

Last week, I visited Los Angeles and San Francisco with one of my best friends. It was an intense travel itinerary that I still feel my self catching up from.

My friend and I averaged 20-30K steps each day. We were bent on a mission to see as much as we could with the little time we had.

Among that, I completely blanked on scheduling my newsletter. This would be the 2nd time I didn’t schedule and delivered it after the fact. It feels weird to abstain from sending it even though I feel that most might not mind.

I have a lot that I’ve been thinking about. I’m excited for the future issues of this newsletter. For now, I hope you enjoy some quick photos and excerpts from the trip.


This was a quick picture that I snapped while meandering through Chinatown in San Francisco late one night. Even as a writer, it’s hard to capture words about how I felt traversing those streets. Absolutely beautiful.

Surfing in Manhattan Beach

I went surfing with a couple of awesome guys. It was my first time meeting Ryan in person. For those who don’t know, him and I started an online writing community earlier this year alongside another co-founder. The internet is unreal, and I am extremely grateful for Ryan’s travel tips & hospitality.

Hiking in Los Angeles

I felt like I was above the world and got chills looking around at the beautiful infrastructure around me. Admittedly, I’m not sure LA is for me. But it definitely was an awesome destination to visit.

Lands End in San Francisco

I think the picture does this spot enough justice. Absolutely beautiful.

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

Definitely the #1 tourist destination, but it was still great! It was surreal walking across the bridge and looking afar at Alcatraz Island. San Francisco was bustling with energy.

I will say: I’m tired. Emotionally and physically.

I still can’t help but to feel a resurgence of motivation. Excited to take this week on.

Until next time,