Ten simple pleasures

A few things that ground me

Hey friends,

I’ll be the first to say that I obsess over my ambitions. I dream a lot. I dream about where my creative pursuit will take me, where my family and I will be, what I’ll be building, and more. It got me thinking about how caught up we can get in our dreams. I mentioned before that I felt there’s a lot to appreciate at home.

Similar to home, there’s a lot to appreciate when we’re not lost in daydreams.

Life isn’t worth living when you spend it in the clouds all the time. Remember when Dumbledore told Harry that it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live?

In an exercise to appreciate what I have, I wanted to share a few of my simplest pleasures. Things or activities that I adore. You see, simple pleasures don’t expire with achievement. And we have thousands of them!

Here’s ten of my simplest pleasures in no particular order:

  1. Comfort and creativity I often find in a coffeeshop

  2. A barren to-do list and an exciting book

  3. Battling over board games with family/friends (+ a few beers)

  4. Jamming out to music in the shower

  5. An essay or newsletter issue that magically writes itself

  6. Rediscovering cherished memories in old photographs

  7. Getting lost within internet rabbit-holes

  8. Cooking an awesome meal (best when shared with others)

  9. The freedom and excitement on the night before an epic vacation

  10. The incredible first sip of coffee in the morning

Although many of these feel inconsequential in my grand mission, they don’t always feel so simple. I love them. They’re bursts of joy that don’t require tens of thousands of dollars or rigorous planning. They happen all the time, and they’re mine.

Please share a couple of yours with me. I’ll share my favorites next time.

Wishing you simple pleasures,